About Us

Panda Pools is a team of NSPA certified pool operators working together to make your life easier and provide you with peace of mind.

Panda Pools, LLC was founded by Amanda Rook in 2008 with the help of many mentors locally and abroad.  We strive to stay up to date and ahead of the game with hydraulic, technological, and chemical advances in the industry.We do this by keeping our techs up to date on their certifications and by continuing education through classes, seminars, and trade shows.  By doing this we can keep our pools, clients, and their neighbors safer and aware of future problems.

Panda Pools is committed to continually educating our staff and providing them with good pay, benefits, and working conditions.  This commitment allows us to hire and retain exceptionally reliable and conscientious employees.  You can be assured that the technician who cleans, services, or repairs your pool will be among the most highly trained, courteous, and professional pool service technicians available.

Panda Pools technicians are also trained to conduct themselves in a professional, courteous manner while on your property and to minimize any intrusion while servicing or repairing your swimming pool.

Panda Pools is a growing family business in the Hampton Roads area.  We service Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach.  In 2008 when we first opened there was just Amanda and one truck with less than ten pools. With faith, hard work and determination and the addition of friends and family Panda Pools is now running more than 100 pools.  We have 2-4 trucks on the road depending on the season.  We value our new clients as much as our loyal clients. Some clients are even regarded as part of the family.  We LOVE you guys!



The Story of the Name:

Many years ago Amanda was talking to her best friends twin daughters.  They were the ones who originally started calling her Panda.  At the time they were only seven years old.  One day they said to her “Panda we love you!”  Amanda’s response was “I love you too, and if I ever start a business, it will be Panda because of you two.”  Years later, when Amanda registered her company with the city for the first time, she thought back to that conversation and Panda Pools was born.

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